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Ford Transit Cover Quotes

Acorn Insurance understands the needs of Transit van owners. We can help UK Transit drivers like you find dedicated cover for the van or the goods that you are carrying, giving you peace of mind on the road.

Specialist Transit Van Insurance From Acorn

Dedicated insurance for Transit Vans

Unlike standard insurance providers in the UK, Acorn Insurance is a specialist; as such, we specialise in offering cover to high-risk customers. Our team of insurance agents are here to help, so get in touch today and see how much you could save with Acorn’s transit van insurance.

What is Transit Van Insurance?

A transit van is often classed as a standard panel van, minibus or pick-up truck. The original transit van dates back to October 1965, and are now mass-produced and popular among business owners. Known for having all the mod cons and comfort of a family saloon, a transit van is a popular choice among business owners and start ups who need to transport goods for business use.

Used to transport business stock, goods and supplies, when it comes to insurance, you will want to insure not only the van itself but also, the goods in transit.

Specialist Transit Van Insurance

As a specialist insurance provider, Acorn may be able to offer transit van insurance, even if you have been refused cover by a standard provider.

If you have a claims history, points on your licence or you have been quoted highly on your van insurance renewal, you might find that you are being classed as a high risk to a standard insurance provider. This is when Acorn Insurance could help to offer you a quote.

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Specialise Ford Transit Insurance

Below is a list of factors that may affect your transit van insurance premium:

Excess Amount – Depending on what voluntary excess you choose, this will affect your premium.

No Claims Bonus – the higher your No Claims Bonus (NCB), the better your track record. Therefore, you will typically be rewarded with a lower transit van insurance premium.

Size Matters – A long wheelbase (LWB) transit van will typically be more expensive to insure than a short wheel base (SWB), simply for the fact that a larger van has the capacity to carry more and hence do more damage in a collision than a smaller van.

Usage – utilising the van for pleasure, social or domestic use is not the same as driving it up and down the country for business. So, the van’s purpose will affect how much you pay for your insurance.

Mileage – the mileage that you are likely to cover in the vehicle in a given period will affect the premium amount.

Security – do you have a tracker or immobiliser? How secure is your transit?