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Taxi Fleet Insurance

Searching For or Renewing Your Taxi Fleet Insurance?

Renewing Taxi Insurance for one motor can be daunting enough but doing it for a fleet of cars can leave you frustrated and confused. We have been providing fleet insurance for many years and understand our customers well, which is why we like to think we can cut through the mire and provide sensibly priced policies.




Taxi Fleet InsuranceTaxi Fleet Insurance Circumstances

Whether you are managing a fleet of black cabs, minicabs, minibuses or a mixture; because we are a specialist car insurance broker, we like to speak to you so that we can tailor your policy to your individual fleets'circumstances. We only employ professional insurance specialists so there will be no pushy sales pitch, just a quick impartial, no obligation run through of your taxi fleet insurance needs. We're very confident we will be able to get you taxi fleet insurance cover at an agreeable price but if there is any hesitancy or you would like to search the market a little more then of course this is completely fine.


Taxi Fleet Insurance Perks with Acorn

    1. Professional and experienced Taxi Fleet Insurance team
    2. Policies for fleets of 3 up to 500 cars
    3. Limited or Unlimited mileage options on policy
    4. Mixed vehicle policy - black cab, minicab / private hire, minibus
    5. All age drivers welcome!
    6. Monthly direct debit option
    7. Comprehensive, third party fire and theft, and third party only cover available

Add An Additional Driver to An Existing Policy

If you need to add an additional driver to an existing Acorn Insurance taxi fleet policy, please fill in the below proposal form.

Additional Driver Proposal Form


Taxi Fleet Insurance 101

Having a dedicated team of people ferrying customers around all day whilst remaining efficient takes a great deal of energy.  As a business owner you need the best taxi fleet insurance at a value for money price but one that certainly does not compromise on cover.

We offer fantastic taxi fleet insurance policies for any fleet size between 3 and 500 cars and are able to cover a mixed fleet of both vehicle and driver credentials and experience. Obviously the more experienced the driver, the more you will save on your policy and if the drivers have built up any no claims you can save up anywhere between 20% and 60% per individual driver.

Another great saving can be made if your taxi drivers have held their local authority taxi badges for a number of years. Like the no claims bonus, the longer they have held it, the more potential savings per individual driver on your taxi fleet insurance policy, and the cheaper the price overall.

We will look more favourably at a taxi fleet policy if the taxi fleet drivers own their own vehicles and the cover is taken out for the owner only to driver their vehicle.

Voluntary excess is something you can opt for on a policy as it can save you money but it is it all depends on how experienced your drivers are and their overall propensity to have a bump and need to make a claim.

Other variables that can affect the cost of Taxi Fleet Insurance

  1. Pass Plus - If any of your drivers have taken the pass plus course then this will have a positive effect on cost.  The course is designed by the Driving Standards Agency in conjunction with the car insurance and learner driver industries. It helps the driver gain valuable experience on the road through giving valuable lessons in anticipation and awareness on the roads.
  2. Vehicle security - fit a thatcham alarm as the more secure your fleet is from theft, the lower the perceived risk
  3. Fleet Vehicle parking - try to keep your vehicle locked up in a garage when not in use as this, again, is deemed more secure than leaving it on the road

So the bottom line is, we will do everything we can to provide you with taxi fleet insurance cover with the fat trimmed off. Give us a call now on 01704 270 027 and we will see how we can help you.

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