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Acorn Car Insurance has over 30 years of experience helping drivers with a range of backgrounds and circumstances find competitive private car insurance in the UK. If you think that you might be considered a high risk driver, or you have been quoted a lot of money for your car insurance, Acorn Insurance will help you secure a tailor made policy that meets your needs but keeps your premiums low.

With a few particularly bad winters over the past couple of years, road surfaces have been dangerous leading to a rise in accidents on the road. This has increased car insurance premiums for a lot of drivers, so finding car insurance that is affordable as a high risk driver is even more difficult.

Acorn are a specialist car insurance broker which means we underwrite all of our business individually. Instead of applying blanket policies we treat each case individually so we can work out how to get you the right cover but save you as much money as possible.

Acorn private Car Insurance Policies

Acorn Insurance provides competitive private car insurance policies for a variety of circumstances that mean you are a high risk driver:

As our policies are all tailor made, save yourself money by getting in touch with our team of experts today and see how much you could save!



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