Motor Trade Combined Insurance

Motor Trade Combined Insurance

Insurance For Your Motor Trade Road Risk and Property Combined

Not all Motor traders work from home; many will branch out and open a car sales forecourt, a service and repair garage or a valet station.




When Motor Traders do decide to venture in a company with premises, road risk cover may not always be the ideal option, when opening their new business they will have to make a considerable investment in the tools and equipment needed to do their job. In many cases, they also hold significant levels of stock. Trading from premises brings with it additional risks to consider such as damage to the buildings themselves.

A combined policy protects against damage to property owned by the motor trader as well as their liability exposure. Acorn Insurances Combined policy can cover against the following:

  • Damage to the business premises where they are owned by the motor trader or are liable for repairs under the terms of their lease
  • Any contents on the business premises, such machinery, plant, fixtures and fittings
  • Tools used for the purposes of working as a motor trader
  • Liability (EL, PL, Products)
  • Damage to vehicles left on the business premises, whether stock or owned for personal use

See Motor Trade Road Risk Insurance for a lighter insurance type that does not include business property cover

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