Motor Fleet Insurance

Motor Fleet Insurance

Who Needs Motor Fleet Insurance?

Motor Fleet Insurance is suited to anyone who has usually more than 3 cars, typically businesses such as haulage firms, car rental companies, courier organisations and generally any company that has a group of company owned vehicles.




What are the benefits of a Motor Fleet Insurance policy over individual policies?

    • There is one policy with one renewal date
    • Flexibility - you can have a pool of drivers to drive a pool of vehicles
    • Mixed vehicle policy - you can have a combination of cars, vans, plant and haulage on your policy if you so wish
    • They are cheaper than insuring drivers and vehicles individually
    • Any driver cover available - age restrictions do not apply but drivers of 30+ years will lower your premium.
    • Cover for fleets of 3 vehicles up to 500+
    • Low policy excesses, even where high performance vehicles are concerned

Motor fleet insurance is a one stop insurance policy for your companies fleet of vehicles. It saves you time, money and a great deal of stress, with one policy covering all drivers and vehicles with one piece of documentation.

When purchasing motor fleet insurance, it is important if you are carrying goods in transit, that these goods are covered. Be honest and truthful about the type of business you are and what sort of motor fleet insurance you are after. Also, take care when giving the details of the drivers and vehicles that are required to be insured under the motor fleet insurance policy.

Acorn's Hot Tip for Reducing Motor Fleet Insurance Costs

Aside from us reducing the costs associated with your motor fleet insurance policy wherever possible, there are many practical tips and solutions available to organisations where fleet based costs and emissions are concerned. Did you know that 40% of all miles driven by cars alone in the UK are business related? Also, a fleet of 100 vehicles could save up to £90,000 each year by implementing what is known as "green fleet practices"!

The Department for Transport (DfT) provides funding for the Energy Saving Trust (EST) to provide advice to organisations to help them drive down their carbon emissions associated with business travel. They then draw up a personalised company plan for you to help minimise carbon emissions. Practical advice can take the form of simply purchasing more efficient, low carbon fleet vehicles, to training employees to drive in a more eco friendly manner, thus improving fuel consumption, also known as smarter driving.

Companies with more than 50 fleet vehicles are eligible for a free onsite assessment called the green fleet review and this is conducted by a fleet management expert. For fleets less than 50, you can get lot's of helpful information through the EFT website or by giving them a call.

For all your motor fleet insurance questions give our specialist team a call on 01704 270 004. We only employ trained insurance professionals, so you will be in good hands!

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